Music Plays a Mind Trick

Di luar, anak APRES lagi mainin lagu ini. Setelah didengerin, ternyata lagunya jero banget. Anjir, ga kuat…

Mind Trick

I missed the opportunity
to get you babe to stay with me
Never thought, I’d regret the excuses that I’ve made
like a song, it will fade

If there’s music in the night,
And it’s really, really right,
It’s the only thing I need
it intoxicates your mind
All your troubles left behind
So come on and take my lead
it’s not just me who feels it
music plays a mind trick
watch me forget about missing you

so i put my feelings out to dry
love, one day again,
i’ll have to try
falling out, making up
it seems such a silly game
why do i never gain?

>> Malam ini gua kudu harus musti wajib dengerin musik, soalnya kata Jamie Cullum music plays a mind trick. Na na na na…


One thought on “Music Plays a Mind Trick

  1. ehh.. udah baca misteri soliternya Jostein Gaarder bloum? mau akyu pinjemin gaa?? hehehehe.. rame loh. dan ga sepusing dunia sophie bacanya. yah, at least bisa dimengerti oleh otak sayah.. wekekekekek..btw, akyu suka lagu mind trick.. karna akyu juga suka sama Jammie Cullum.. oh Sinatra on Sneakers yang lucyu..

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